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We Take Care of You From Hire to Retire


Who We Are

We are built upon the bedrock of community first, that we are better together. That belief has carried us through the toughest year of our lives with the battle against COVID-19, and it has been what defines us and sets us apart as a community in its truest form – being there for one another. We cannot shape the future alone. We must do it, together. 


The future of policing in any community is now. What that looks like, what is done well, and what can be improved, will vary – no one size fits all. We are an agency that prides itself on progressive policing, that believes that its core mission is ‘excellence at every opportunity.’ We are here to serve our residents, to protect them, and to be there on good days and on bad ones. That is what it means to be a department that believes in community policing.


Join Our MVPD Family

We are built better by those who set the standard for what it means to answer the call with a servant's heart.


We are looking for women and men who exemplify what it means to be someone who serves with compassion and care for all

Contact us below to learn more about how you can apply and join us here at MVPD. 

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