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To our community

As the Mountain View Police Chief, it is an honor to lead this department of incredible public servants, women and men who day in and day out serve the people of Mountain View with honor and integrity. 

I realize I come to this position at a pivotal point in the history of law enforcement. Crucial conversations around race, equity, and inclusion can no longer, and should no longer, be ignored. Communities across this country are asking of themselves and their law enforcement agencies: ‘How do we change the course of the future for the better?’

The future of policing in any community is now. What that looks like, what is done well, and what can be improved, will vary – no one size fits all. But, I am proud to be a leader of an agency that prides itself on progressive policing, that believes that its core mission is ‘excellence at every opportunity.’ We are here to serve you, our residents. We are here to protect you, to answer your call when you need help, to be there on good days and bad ones. That is what it means to be a department that believes in community policing. The safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority. And to ensure that is taken care of, we must excel in as many touch points as possible to be what you ask of us – the truest representation of you.

We are built upon the bedrock of community first, that we are better together. That belief has carried us through the toughest year of our lives with the battle against COVID-19, and it has been what defines us and sets us apart as a community in its truest form – being there for one another. We cannot shape the future alone. We must do it, together. 

I am also proud to know that we, as a department, believe in ensuring that all members of our community have the right access and care for whatever their needs may be, be it for mental health, food, shelter, or other care. We will continue our partnership that truly requires all aspects of our community, and it is one that we, as a police department, will be proud to be a part of, in whatever role our department can take that would best serve all in our community. Our goal, always, is to be able to approach any situation with the utmost care and consideration for any individual, and to ensure that the safety and wellbeing of those around them are also addressed. 

While we are at the precipice of so much positive change for the future, when I look back on my 25 years here in Mountain View, I can say, definitively, that there is no better place to serve. There is no better place to call home. I have watched this department adapt, adjust, and evolve at a rate that is phenomenal. To know that the women and men of this department can pivot, and can have such servants’ hearts, that they see you, hear you, and believe in you, is something for which I am not only grateful, but I know that I am blessed to see every day. 

I look forward to our future, together. I look forward to being your Police Chief, and I look forward to bringing Mountain View ever forward with you. 


In partnership,


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