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How long have you been at MVPD? 12 years (Lateral with 17 years in Law Enforcement)


Specialties: Traffic team member, Crisis Negotiations team member, Peer Support team member, SWAT, Drivers Training instructor, POA board member


Outside MVPD: Outside of work, I love motorcycle riding (on/off road), RV camping, and outdoor sports. I played baseball at the collegiate level and professionally for the

San Diego Padres. I have a wonderful wife of 22 years and have three great kids. 


Why Mountain View? I chose this department for the positive working environment and a community that supports their first responders.

Ofc. Greg Ienni


How long have you been at MVPD?  3 years (Lateral with 17 years in Law Enforcement) 


Specialties: Child crimes detective, Field Training officer, Crisis Negotiations team member, Explorer Advisor, Peer Support team member


Outside MVPD: I am a mom to three wonderful kids who competitively race bikes! I also am a foodie and love spending time with my family.


Why Mountain View? MVPD and the City of Mountain View value their employees. One thing I appreciate the most about MVPD is that it supports employees developing their interests and expertise. MVPD encourages employees to seek training courses that interest them and the department will often send us to these courses.  It’s a great way for us to stay engaged and continue to grow!

Ofc. Christine Powell

How long have you been at MVPD? 8 Years (Lateral with over 20 years in Law Enforcement)   


Specialties: Traffic team member, Crisis Negotiations team member, Field Training Officer, firearms instructor, Police Officers Association President.


Outside MVPD: I have a wife and three children who are active in sports – we travel a lot! I also love to ride my motorcycle outside of work.


Why Mountain View? I came to Mountain View because I had always been interested in the Bay Area. The officers I knew who worked here loved it. Even now, the lifetime medical for officers and their families and the sleeping quarters option are huge factors.

Ofc. Eric Nelson

How long have you been at MVPD? 12 years 


Specialties: Traffic team, Robbery detective, firearms instructor


Outside MVPD: I love to camp, ride motorcycles, barbecue and coach my daughters’ softball teams. I also served four years in the United States Marine Corps.


Why Mountain View? The people that work here are unmatched. They are great colleagues, partners and supervisors. I would be remiss if I didn’t say how great it is to work in a community that is very supportive of this department. 

Ofc. Jason Roldan 

How long have you been at MVPD? 17 years


Specialties: I served with both the Los Altos Police Department as a Records Specialist and I served for over 20 years as a Reserve police officer with the Santa Clara Police Department. I have specialty training in Leadership, Records retention, California Public Records Act, Multi-jurisdictional policing, and fundraising/event coordination for the Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics


Outside MVPD: I have five children, a wonderful wife and we are all very big Disney fans.


Why Mountain View? The Mountain View Police Department is a family that strives to take care of their employees and provide opportunities to succeed.  There isn’t another city I would want to work for and call my home.

Records Supervisor Charles Caldwell

How long have you been at MVPD? 5 years (Lateral with 13 years in Law Enforcement)


Specialties:  I am currently a Cyber and Financial Crimes detective. I also served eight years with the Alamda County Sheriff’s Office where I served in the following roles: Santa Rita Jail Deputy, Office Of Emergency Services HSEEP Coordinator, Alameda County Regional Academy Instructor, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, Investigations Special Duty Unit, and a Detective with the Alameda County Narcotics Task Force.


Outside MVPD: I enjoy spending time with my wife and young daughter and our Australian Shepherd. I also love to travel and served in the Marine Corps.


Why Mountain View? I choose Mountain View due to my close ties to the community.

Ofc. Jacob Cesena

How long have you been at MVPD? 3 years (Lateral with 16 years in Law Enforcement)


Specialties: After spending four years in the US Army as a Cavalry Scout, I started my law enforcement career as a self-sponsored academy recruit in 2007. I am currently a detective with the Regional Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT Task Force), and Police Officers Association Vice President. 


Outside MVPD: In my off time I enjoy spending time with my family, running and playing golf.


Why MVPD? I lateralled to Mountain View PD in 2020 because I wanted to work in my hometown and have the opportunity to investigate high tech crimes.

Ofc. Chris Vigil

How long have you been at MVPD?  4 years


Specialties: Crisis Negotiations team member, Drone team member, Peer Support team member

Outside MVPD: I am an avid exerciser and worked as a personal trainer before I started my career at age 35 with MVPD! I also love to ride motorcycles and travel with my family and two dogs.

Why Mountain View? I applied to almost all the South Bay agencies, but at Mountain View I found an agency that saw itself in a partnership with the community.  I found a place where my differences were viewed as strengths.  Not to mention the stellar reputation of MVPD, which extended throughout the state.

Ofc. Nicholas Pointer

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